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Meet our entrepreneur of the month: Sisko-Anthony Cruz

While other high school teenagers were taking their summer vacations, watching the latest movie or cooling off at the local pool, Sisko-Anthony Cruz was in the heart of New York City at an internship at Atlantic Records. At the young age of 16, the future stellar entrepreneur had opened the door to a prosperous future […] Read more…

5 #Blogher17 Lessons for Blogging Beginners

Blogher17 Lessons for Bloggers

As a fairly new blogger, the #Blogher17 conference was an event I did not want to miss for all of the valuable knowledge and networking opportunities that I knew it could deliver. Blogher17 was without a doubt a learning experience and a wonderful networking event. Here’s why these things are important to any blogger regardless […] Read more…

Lessons in SATC: Do You Vent Too Much To Your Friends?

Lessons in sex and the city do you vent too much?

Sex and The City Season 2 Episode 13: Games People Play source: HBO Remember when Carrie broke up with Big for the second time? She talked and complained about all her issues to the girls every chance she got. That’s me. After a breakup, I can’t stop talking about every detail, fault, complaint and […] Read more…

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