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5 #Blogher17 Lessons for Blogging Beginners

Blogher17 Lessons for Bloggers

As a fairly new blogger, the #Blogher17 conference was an event I did not want to miss for all of the valuable knowledge and networking opportunities that I knew it could deliver. Blogher17 was without a doubt a learning experience and a wonderful networking event. Here’s why these things are important to any blogger regardless […] Read more…

Lessons in SATC: Do You Vent Too Much To Your Friends?

Lessons in sex and the city do you vent too much?

Sex and The City Season 2 Episode 13: Games People Play source: HBO Remember when Carrie broke up with Big for the second time? She talked and complained about all her issues to the girls every chance she got. That’s me. After a breakup, I can’t stop talking about every detail, fault, complaint and […] Read more…

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