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Lessons in SATC: Do You Vent Too Much To Your Friends?

Lessons in sex and the city do you vent too much?

Sex and The City Season 2 Episode 13: Games People Play source: HBO Remember when Carrie broke up with Big for the second time? She talked and complained about all her issues to the girls every chance she got. That’s me. After a breakup, I can’t stop talking about every detail, fault, complaint and […] Read more…

Divorce Recap Season 1 Episode 1 HBO

HBO Divorce - Frances - Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has returned to HBO with her new series Divorce. Obviously, this new series is not going to be anything like Sex and the City. This is not Carrie divorces an older man that isn’t Mr. Big and moves back to manhattan, but I find that SJP is a phenomenal actress that has a […] Read more…

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