I’m convinced the New York work week is unlike any other when the weather is in the dumps. Whether it is rain, sleet, or snow, it’s a real challenge to show up at a job during bad weather and manage looking professional. And God forbid you have an interview. Crowded subways and buses that splash puddles in your direction at will –are just a few of the highlights. Needless to say, it’s a struggle to stay classy in rainy weather in New York City.

I realized this week that I already have a routine going when I see that it’s going to rain on the weather indicator of my phone. I do all these little odds an ends to prevent an uncomfortable day and I’m sharing them with YOU!

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How to Stay Classy In Rainy Weather in New York City

  1. Leave Early

    Subways are a mess from when the first drop of rain hits the concrete. The same goes for cabs, buses, carpooling, and driving your own car. This can cause delays in arriving on time and everyone knows how important that is in an interview. I look at the weather every night before bed. If you don’t want to arrive late or get caught up in the uproar of rainy day hustle and bustle, I suggest that you plan ahead  in order to reach your destination timely.

  2. Cover your Hair

    Woman with Scarf - Look professional on rainy dayIt really sucks to make an effort into looking your most fab and end up arriving at your job or place of business, looking like who done it and ran. Using a scarf, not only prevents hat hair (another catastrophe), but it looks good and minimizes frizziness. Well, at least it will put a barrier between your do and the water and humidity.

  3. Bring Extra Socks

    Not everyone likes wearing rubber galoshes. And even so, sometimes accidents happen that involve wet toes. There’s nothing worse then having wet feet. My whole day could go on a sleigh ride into hell over wet feet. Carry an extra pair of stockings or socks in your bag or leave them at work. That way if it happens, you can dry off your feet with a paper towel and change. Problem solved.

  4. Choose the right Umbrella: Portable or Dome shaped

    These are your only options in New York–trust me. The dome shaped umbrella gives you more full coverage then your high end foundation. It just might be a hassle to carry around, but it makes sure to keep you dry from the chest up. As for the small portable umbrella, I suggest investing extra money in a sturdy small umbrella that won’t break on you. It’s good for carrying it around comfortably. New York City rainy weather is notorious for leaving tattered umbrellas all over street corners.

  5. The Right Purse for Rainy Weather

    You need something weather proof, because you will end up finding out the hard way that the wet can get in your bag. Plus, if your going to be carrying extra stuff (i.e. hairspray, brush, umbrella, etc.), your going to need a big bag. Leather can sometimes be too heavy, so I feel that the material of the Michael Kors – Kempton bag is just right for carrying around more than usual.

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How to Stay Classy In Rainy Weather in New York City

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