A few weeks ago the Lincoln Motor company gave me a 2016 Lincoln MKX to test drive and review. Because I’m a creative maven, I decided to take this review around NYC to some awesome sights. I also decided that I would match the car. It’s the funniest thing. I always have to match or coordinate myself with the car. These autumn colors are inspired by the season and the car itself. I do think we are quite an attractive pair together. That deep red is completely fall and central park did not disappoint in complimenting our background.

A Luxury Car like the Lincoln MKX requires some level of chic style. I didn’t think a ball gown or a formal evening dress was going to work for a day/night out on the town.

So I put this little ensemble together. I was comfortable and at the same time I felt classy. A cape will always have that effect on an outfit. You can always do the same with a fur or a white wool coat. But this cape, takes my outfit up a few notches.

I bought my dress from the  Windsor Store. There’s one located at the mall near my house and I go there first, before I check any other stores. It’s my go to place for dresses. I can’t even remember where I bought the cape (So, sorry.) And I can’t find the BCBGeneration leather boots with a quilted pattern (I put a similar boot in the link below)

Red Dash Midi Dress Windsor | Try this cape, or this one, and this oneBCBGeneration quilted boots | PinktownUSA link necklace

Autumn Colors in New York City


Lincoln MKX in Central Park Autumn Colors


LOVE - New York City



When you go to your friends house and pass their full sized mirror on the way to the bathroom lol


What are your thoughts on cape coats? Do they give outfits an accent of extravagance? What are your Autumn Colors and wardrobe?

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