When you’ve experienced New York City in-between season weather, you’ll finally know how truly hard it is to get dressed. The mornings are cold but the afternoons can be warm, so you’ll find yourself sweating through the extra sweaters that had protected you earlier from the chill. One day it will be 80 degrees, and the next, you’ll be lucky to break through 50. (True story! A few weeks ago I found myself sweating at a friend’s house and a few days later I was wearing a sweater under my jacket.)

8 denim jackets for the springThe worst part is that you can end up getting sick because you may not be prepared for the brisk change in weather. Which is why, I believe the denim jacket is every girl’s lucky charm when the weather bounces back and forth like that. It’s light enough to fold on your arm ,if it’s too hot to wear, and it’s thick enough to keep you warm if there are any gusts of wind.Finding the right jean jacket means finding one that may double for casual moments and still be suitable for dressier attire. Now, I don’t expect you to wear an evening frock and dazzle the world with a jean jacket, but there are some pretty jean jackets out there that complement business casual clothing, without being too casual.

 This time of year, I try to have several different denim jackets for different occasions. I’ve seen a few online that I would love to add to the collection and I’ve made a list of some of the cutest designs I’ve found online. Just because it’s denim, doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Here’s a list of Jean Jackets that are stylish and still afforable:


Denim Jackets for Spring

Topshop denim jacket
$84 – topshop.com

Aqua denim jacket

MANGO denim jacket
$78 – mango.com

Denim jacket
$53 – gap.com

Denim coat
$65 – bonprix.co.uk

Carmin clothing


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denim jackets for cool weather and warm weather

What do you think of these beauties? Are there any other jean jackets that need to be added here? Is there any other form of in-between weather outerwear, that you use? Comment below — or if you want to continue the convo, message me online here – >

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