During my vacation with friends in Puerto Rico, I wanted to explore an island I had never been to. Culebra and Vieques are all the rave in tourism but I wanted to see something new. My small group of five friends, searched through tour packages and decided to speak in person with a tour company that was located on Isla Verde beach. Icacos Island was looking like it would be it.

After speaking about our options, we decided to pay for a private tour of Icacos Island. My mother was born and raised in Puerto Rico and I swear to you that I hadn’t ever heard the name until this very summer. How could I not have known about this island? I felt like I was missing out on the world. And so we went.

Icacos Island Puerto Rico

Early morning we were picked up at the Intercontinental San Juan Hotel in a tour bus. The Driver/Tour guide picked up our food at a local restaurant and headed towards Fajardo, Puerto Rico. At a dock near Las Croabas, Fajardo, we pilled up our belongings for a boat ride to the island on a speed boat.

Vieques Puerto Rico

With a nice view of Vieques, the island we weren’t going to go see, we set out full speed towards Icacos Island. The speed boat is not for the queasy. I’ve never had a problem in that area but imagined everyone I knew who did, barfing off the side of the boat mid sail.

Icacos Island Puerto Rico

One of the warnings we received before we got on the island, was about how open the beach was. if it wasn’t for our umbrellas we could have fried out there with no real shade anywhere on the island. Make sure to pack an umbrella because it will be greatly appreciated when those sun rays go at full strength.

The Locals and some tour guide ran Catamarans were all docked right on the beach. They play music and BBQ and drink on their boats. It’s apparently a big time hang out that can get twice as crowded on holidays.

Icacos Beach Puerto Rico

I live for blue and crystal waters. There is nothing more beautiful and more relaxing then dipping into the usually warm waters and looking down and seeing your own toes. There were little fishes in this water that swam by without even causing a stir.

Snorkeling Gear Icacos Island Puerto Rico

We went snorkeling after walking around to the other end of the island. Unfortunately I didn’t bring a water proof camera so I don’t have any pictures. Trust me when I tell you that the reefs and fishes were gorgeous. We had 45 minutes of Snorkeling and I was exhausted. But it was all worth it.

Here are links to booking your own trip to Icacos Island via the Water Taxi HERE

You can also get a tour on a Catamaran (food and drinks included) HERE

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Icacos Island Puerto Rico


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